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Clear & Calm Aromatherapy Mist

By Energy Alchemy by Aiden Chase


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  • Personal aromatherapy energy spray mist. 100% Pure Essential Oils. 8 fl. oz
  • Beautiful fragrance of Clary Sage & Sandalwood with Amethyst energy infusion.
  • Energy infused by "Hollywood's Healer" Aiden Chase
  • Holds the intention to clear, calm, ground and protect your energy and environment.
  • Spray around your energy field and around home and work spaces.

Energy Alchemy Mists created by acclaimed celebrity Healer-Intuitive Aiden Chase, known as "Hollywood's Healer."  Each beautifully handcrafted product embodies the ancient legendary metaphysical powers of semi-precious stones, essential oils, as well as the transformative energy infused within them by Aiden's amazing psychic and healing gifts. Energy Alchemy may inspire you to create a more joyful, loving and prosperous lifestyle for you to fulfill your wishes and dreams! Aiden has been featured on Access Hollywood and in People magazine. His sought after sessions and products have been the secret for many Hollywood celebrities and are now available to you! Energy Alchemy simply means transforming the energy within you and in your surroundings.

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