WIZARDLY Labradorite Bracelet

By Aiden Chase for WIZARDLY

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For: Prosperity, Angelic Guidance & Shielding


  • Signature 14 K Gold (f) Sparkling Light of the Living Love Bead.
  • Logo Archangel Michael shield of love and protection charm.

Ancient legend says luminous Labradorite, with shimmering flashes of mystical light, fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis transforming ordinary stone to extraordinary. It is said that wearing Labradorite is like having a private telephone line directly to Archangel Michael to ask for assistance. It is a stone aligning to success, spiritual elevation and awakening intuition.

Celebrity healer and intuitive Aiden Chase has hand curated each precious and semi-precious stone for their extraordinary energy and ancient legendary metaphysical properties. He has personally infused these exquisite jewelry pieces with intentional energy alchemy of light, love and angelic blessings.

Wear with self-love and hold in your heart each bracelet’s intention for the manifestation of your wishes and dreams.

Each beautifully unique natural stone bracelet will vary in color, shape, texture, tonality and veining. Stretch cord. [Disclaimer]

Handmade with love in California, USA


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